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Top 6 Recommended Plugins for WordPress

Plugins offer all forms of customization for website administrators. While WordPress gives a ton of functions and flexibility, there is nevertheless a number of functionality lacking from the core software program. The exceptional manner to fill in the missing pieces, of direction, is to get yourself the right plugins. Today we will share 6 useful Plugins for WordPress.

Recommended Plugins for WordPress

Facebook Feed

Facebook Feed help you to display Facebook feed from any public Facebook account, in same way you can also show Facebook feed into your posts, pages, home or in widget.

With Facebook feed by Arrow Plugins you can add multiple Facebook feeds into single page, post or widget using shortcodes.

Create Unlimited number of Facebook Feeds with unique customizations, Skins & Feed Styles from any of your facebook page of your choice.

Pretty Links

This plugin is specifically useful when you are using affiliate links. Affiliate links are really long because of the tracking code and other things.

This plugin enables you to shorten your links just like tinyurl or

This plugin also tracks the hits on each url.

So if you want to track your affiliate links then this plugin will help you out.

Wordfence Security

This plugin will help you to keep your site secure and also prevent the hackers to getting inside to your site. This plugin is completely free however there is a premium version available with some extra features.

Wordfence has many security features.

Firewall prevents you from getting hacked by malicious traffic. Firewall also blocks fake google bots.

The blocking features allows you to block users or robots who break your security rules. The real time blocking feature protects your site from hackers and blocks the attackers caught by other website who has already wordfence plugin installed.

The other important features are Multi-Site Security, Caching and Login Security.

WP Smush Plugin

This plugin basically compresses the size of the images. So when a visitor browses your site it will load faster depending on which connection the visitor is coming from.

It can compress up to 50 images at a time in your image library. While the pro version can compress unlimited images at the same time.



Backup is one of the most important thing you need to do. It’s kind of insurance if something bad happens to your website you can always restore it if you have the backup.

BackWPup plugin will backup your website automatically. The backup is saved in your cloud services account.

So if anything bad happens to your website you will be able to restore it.



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