How to generate an Instagram Access Token

It’s really easy to generate your own Instagram token in a safe and secure manner. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Head over to Login to your account. Then click on Manage Clients, and finally on Register a New Client

Step 2:

Fill out the required fields for registering a new client id making sure to set the OAuth redirect_uri field to "https://localhost" (without quotes).

The reason you should use localhost is for security. In computer networking localhost is the web address of the computer you are using. So when Instagram redirects to your redirect_uri, all of your sensitive information is passed from Instagram's servers directly to your computer. See for more details.

Also, be sure to uncheck the "Disable implicit OAuth" box or else this method will not work.

Once all of the fields are filled out click submit.

Step 3:

Paste the following url into your web browser.[CLIENT_ID_HERE]&redirect_uri=https://localhost&response_type=token

and add the client id you generated to the url replacing "[CLIENT_ID_HERE]" (without quotes).

Hit enter, and you will connect to Instagram's servers. Instagram will ask you whether you want to grant the client you registered in Step 2 access to your account.Once your client has been granted access to your account, Instagram will redirect your browser to your localhost and your newly generated access token will be appended to the url after localhost/#access_token=

Treat your Instagram access token like you would your password. Do not share your access token with anyone.