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Best YouTube Feed Plugins for WordPress

WordPress YouTube Feed Plugin are becoming more important now a days. For many, a YouTube gallery plugin is the way to go. Depending on which one you choose, a gallery plugin will let you do everything from automatically create a whole page of videos based on a YouTube tag to individually selecting the exact videos you want and displaying them in a unique video players.

The range of YouTube gallery plugins out there is wide. There are some very nice and creative solutions. We’ve gone through and picked out the seven of best free ones we could find.

If you know of others we may have missed, let us know in the comments.


YouTube Channel feed plugin pulls in your channel and videos from YouTube and shows them on your WordPress website. This is automatic. So when you add a new video on YouTube, you don�t have to update your site again


  • YouTube Channel feed plugin is Super Simple to set up
  • 3 pre-designed Channel Display Modes for your YouTube Channel layout
  • 3 pre-designed Video Play Modes for your YouTube Channel feed
  • 3 pre-designed Thumbnail View Styles to show your video thumbnail details like (Views, Likes and description)
  • 3 pre-designed YouTube Channel Headers to give your YouTube Feed Channel like appearance
  • Video Sorting Order to give your YouTube Feed Channel like appearance
  • Recent Videos First to show your YouTube Channel feed recent videos first
  • Popular Videos First to show your YouTube Channel feed recent videos first
  • Date Formats show video posted date like (24-May-2016) or (4 days ago)
  • Double-List Thumbnail View to show your YouTube Channel feed
  • Single-List Thumbnail View to show your YouTube Channel feed
  • Grid Thumbnail View to show your YouTube Channel feed in a line
  • Style Customizations to change the color scheme of your Channel Feed to match with your WordPress theme
  • Link to YouTube Video Mode User will redirect to your YouTube Video when clicked on video thumbnail
  • Inline Video will play inside the container of YouTube Feed on your Website showing video details (Likes, Comments etc)
  • Lightbox Video will play in the lightbox (popup) inside your website showing video details (Likes, Comments etc)
  • Compact Thumbnail View only video title will show up in this mode.
  • Minimum Thumbnail View only video title, number of view & number of likes will show up in this mode.
  • Full Description Thumbnail View video title, number of view & number of likes and short description will show up in this mode.
  • Subscribe Button user can subscribe to your YouTube Channel directly form your website
  • Like Button user can like your videos directly form your website while watching video
  • Comment user can comment on your videos directly form your website while watching video
  • Number of Videos to show at First get specific numbers of videos to show on the first glance
  • Sharing user can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter directly from your website while watching video
  • Search Videos user can your videos from your embedded YouTube Channel Feed or your YouTube Channel Playlists
  • AutoPlay Videos keep visitors engaged with AutoPlay next video
  • View Switcher View Switcher helps users to change the layout of your feed Thumbnail
  • Call to Action Button show call to action button within the YouTube Channel Feed to take your users anywhere you want
  • Call to Action Button Text Change CTA Button Text
  • Call to Action Button URL Set CTA Button URL
  • Load More Videos Button Load More Videos Button will get new vides within the YouTube
  • Pagination, Next – Previous Buttons with Next – Previous Buttons, New Video will be fetched like pagination
  • Default Tab Selection show which tab you want to show on first glance to your user Uploads (Your Uploaded Videos) or Playlists (Your YouTube Channel Playlists)
  • Play Icon Show Play Icon your YouTube video thumbnails
  • Play Icon Style Circle or Square Shaped play icon to show on your YouTube video thumbnails
  • Background Image Set your YouTube Channel Background Image for Template1 & Template2
  • Header Background Color
  • Background Color
  • Channel Name Text Color
  • Thumbnail Background Color
  • Thumbnail Title Color
  • Thumbnail Description Color
  • Views & Date Color
  • Tabs Color
  • Select & Loading Button’s Text Color
  • Title Font Family
  • Title Boldness
  • General Font Family
  • Show/Hide Top Header from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Show/Hide Load More Button from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Show/Hide Tabs from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Show/Hide Search Field from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Show/Hide Sorting Tab Field from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Show/Hide View Switcher from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Show/Hide Popup Details from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Show/Hide Time Duration from your YouTube Channel Feed
  • Create Unlimited number of YouTube Channel feeds
  • Completely Responsive and Mobile Ready – layout looks great on any screen size and in any container width
  • Use the built-in shortcode

YouTube WD

Features of YouTube WD plugin:

  • Single video, channel or playlist integration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Unlimited number of YouTube embeds
  • Mobile-Friendly design and layout
  • Search functionality to embed single videos, playlists and channels
  • General configuration settings for YouTube embeds
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Customization options for main video info attributes.
  • Appearance and functionality settings of YouTube player
  • Gallery display for embedded YouTube channels and playlists
  • Flexible settings for YouTube gallery view

Upgrade to Pro to get these amazing options:

  • Fully customizable themes and comprehensive theme options
  • Expanded settings for general configuration of YouTube embeds
  • Advanced Player and Gallery options
  • Infinite scroll loading type for YouTube gallery pagination
  • 5 outstanding display layouts for YouTube galleries:
    • Thumbnails
    • List
    • Carousel
    • Table
    • Blog Style
  • 9 loading effects for YouTube galleries
  • Scheduled caching for excellent performance of YouTube embeds
    • Activity reports dashboard based on the following metrics:
    • View Activity
    • Impressions versus Plays
    • Top Played Videos
    • Deleted Content
    • Blocked Countries

YouTube By EmbedPlus Team

Your WordPress YouTube embed, YouTube gallery (channel and playlist), and even YouTube live stream can be customized in a wide variety of ways with this plugin. Here are a few recently added features:

  • YouTube gallery capability (channel and playlist) – The ability to make playlist and channel embeds have a gallery layout. By default, the plugin can generate a grid-based responsive playlist or channel gallery >>. Your visitors can browse through pages of video thumbnails and choose from videos that are pulled from an entire YouTube channel or playlist.
  • YouTube gallery auto continuous play – embed a playlist or channel gallery and allow it to play one video after the next without requiring viewers to click a thumbnail
  • YouTube Live Stream – Given a link to a YouTube channel, the plugin wizard automatically finds a live stream if one is active in that channel and generates the embed code for you. On the settings page, you can also set defaults of what to automatically display if a live stream is not active at a given moment. For example, you can have your site display a gallery of a channel’s entire video library so that users can have something to watch in the meantime. We hope it’s a time saver.
  • Improved accessibility by using title attributes for screen reader support. It should help your site pass functional accessibility evaluations (FAE).
  • Improved ajax theme support
  • Site origin information with each embed code as an extra security measure. In YouTube’s/Google’s own words, checking this option “protects against malicious third-party JavaScript being injected into your page and hijacking control of your YouTube player.” We especially recommend checking it as it adds higher security than the built-in YouTube embedding method that comes with the current version of WordPress (i.e. oembed).
  • Easy “Insert” button for both the Visual and Text mode of the editor (for YouTube gallery and live stream embedding as well)
  • Embed an entire YouTube channel as a (non-gallery, single embedded player) playlist
  • Start video settings for playlist embeds. You can now choose to start a playlist with a specific video or have the plugin automatically start with the most recently added video. Note: If you’re embedding a YouTube gallery, the order will be defined by the order of the channel or playlist on
  • Volume level initialization – helpful when autoplay is checked
  • iOS playback preferences
  • Automatic localization/internationalization so you can set the player’s interface language from English to another
  • Instant HTTPS support. It can even convert past non-HTTPS videos to HTTPS. Did you know that Google uses HTTPS/SSL support as a ranking signal for SERP?
  • “At a Glance” direct access to your YouTube posts/pages
  • Shortcode support for embedding multiple videos on one line
  • General playlist embedding support
  • YouTube plugin migration support

Gallery – Video Gallery and Youtube Gallery


  • Unlimited Amount – Create as many video gallery as you need. There is no limit for adding video.
  • Fully Responsive – Plugin is responsive, it allows you to show your different screen size.
  • Load More and Pagination – If your gallery has a large number of video clips, you probably want a more solution to showcase your videos more interesting and engaging way, use Load More and Pagination.
  • Title and Description – Add some title and description for each video. Give some interesting information or description.
  • Gallery URL – There is a special place for adding a URL to each video. Choose to open the URL in the new tab or not.
  • 7 Nicely Designed Views – 7 amazing ways to demonstrate videos.








  • Provides hundreds of Design Options – General Options and Lightbox Options of Video Gallery plugin, which is available in the commercial version, allows the users to make customization, change colors, font size, effects and do many more changes.
  • Youtube Posts – Add Youtube videos. Create your own amazing gallery with the most popular video site.
  • Vimeo Posts – Create the video gallery from Vimeo post. Collect the most entertaining and amazing videos, make your website attractive.
  • Lightbox Popup With Many Options – Video Gallery some views use Lightbox tool. The videos on the gallery open larger and you have the opportunity to do different design changes.
  • Show Videos – Plugin is a powerful, yet easy-to-use plugin to create a video gallery, it gives you full control to automatically embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Huge-IT Video Gallery – Working with Video Gallery plugin is pretty much easy.

YourChannel: YouTube Video Gallery

What it displays :

  • Banner image, profile picture and username.
  • Total videos and views.
  • Uploads.
  • Playlists (lists videos on that playlist on click).
  • Banner image in footer.
  • All of above are optional. You can choose what to display.
  • Default color accent Black & White.

Features :

  • Easy visual builder with live preview which generates shortcode that looks like [yourchannel user="user"].
  • Play video in Lightbox or Inline.
  • 7 video thumb styles.
  • RTL support.
  • Beautifully responsive (IT’S 2017).
  • SVG icons.
  • Feature suggestions are implemented quickly.
  • Smooooth animations.
  • Shortcode works in page, posts or custom fields.
  • Loads files only if shortcode is present.
  • Quick translation form for UI terms (Videos, Playlists, Loading… etc.).
  • Translation ready.


Who Wins?

When it comes to things such as galleries, of course the look is going to be nearly as important as anything else. And so that makes your choice a personal one, depending a lot on what style you’re after and what functionality you need.



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